Recording Consent & Copyright Release Form

I am client and participant therein for the above channeled works/program of Channeled Insight and Laura Mirante and I give my consent to Laura Mirante to record my participation in the private or group secessions I participate in. I understand that my participation will be, audiotaped, or photographed, recorded and edited by Channeled Insight/Laura Mirante. including, but not limited to, internet,(including webcasts and podcasts and streaming video) television, radio, cable broadcast, E-Books, published books/magazines,classroom, audio and video cassettes, CD-ROM, DVD , or through any other communications media currently existing or later created or all other purposes in perpetuity throughout the world. I further understand that I retain the right to submit any additional media such as photograph's and video at my discretion for this intended purpose. I hereby grant to Channeled Insight/ Laura Mirante all right, title and interest to any such channeled recordings made under this consent. I understand this means that Channeled Insight/ Laura Mirante may, without limitation, exercise all ownership rights including copyrights relating to such recordings.
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