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What do we become when we die?

This is a message for a group of moms channeled from a guide in spirit trying to explain who their children are now that they have left the experience of their physical bodies behind and moved into a new experience of being a part of the field of spiritual energy and how to find and connect with them...

They are not the limited experience you know of them.

They have now expanded in to an expression of themselves that has no fear,

that is not limited by the conditions of the societies they were born in to.

They now experience you in a newfound true expression and they want to share with you their true expression.

It is a matter of understanding who you are as a human being,

who you are as a soul

and working your way in to a new pattern of thought that acknowledges that

they are gong to feel different now because they are different now.

They won’t have the heavy layers of personality. They will have the pure essence of innocence and truth.

So, it is a matter of releasing them in your mind from what they once were and asking them to show you who they are now.

That conscious choice to hold them in a present state of mind is a powerful magnetic force that says:

"I bring you forward in to my life now as who you are."

not : "I place on you conditions on how I receive you according to who you once were."

You sit with this and over time it will shift your ideas and as you shift your ideas the energy of truth can be more fluidly engaged.

That’s what this experience challenges you to confront in this world

the certainty of the mind of 'the end' that the illusion of death brings.

There is no end to the energy that we are.

There is no end to the energy of love that connects us.

There is no limit to the awareness that is available to you when you choose to look beyond the fearful limits of logic.

You are divine beings.

Your children are divine beings.

You are all energy and in that field of energy you can connect.

Channeled April 20, 2020 Laura Mirante


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