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There is a light of awareness within each Soul

"There is a light of awareness within each Soul.

There is a limitless energy that moves through every human being and connects all in a quantum field of co-creation.

There is a source of Love that runs so deep at the core of every Soul that brings forward the innate sense of knowing of our Divine connection to one another and of the ability of that knowing to bring healing, to bring a sense of the continuity of life.

It is there in that recognition of the 'continuity of our Divinity,' of the everlasting nature of our Soul that we can find peace, that we can choose our truth over the illusion of this three-dimensional configuration of our divine brilliance.

That’s the challenge at hand, isn’t it, dear ones?

And it is with everything that you are that you work to know this, to allow this experience of the Divine presence of your loved ones on this earth to inspire you – to inspire you to know better, to inspire you to reach higher, to go the distance with what that Love at the core of your connection tells you is your truth which is there is no end.

There is no end to this source of inspiration and this divine connection between all souls.

We are a continuum.

Our entire human experience is an expression of that continuum and our ability to dive deep beneath the surface of the fear to find that truth, to find that connection in the love, that is the gift you offer not only yourself and your loved one but this world stuck in it’s sense of separation, in it’s fear of the unknowns, of the afterlife.

*So, see that it is the unknowns that bring you the fear and the fear that brings you the grief.

There are moments of pure connection.

There are instances where you have no doubt of the energy of your loved one in your field - valiantly extending themselves to get your attention, vibrantly expressing the everlasting nature of their Souls.

It is the idea of this that must be clarified here so your mind can approve of what your heart knows is your truth, which is:

you are connected on every level and always will be and that eternal connection continues to evolve with time and through experience.

So, embrace the moments where the feeling is there, where the knowledge, the knowingness, the recognition of that Soul in your field cannot be denied and look at the fear as it struggles to dismiss and rationalize.

And ask yourself, why give my attention there when there is this beautiful sense of my child’s brilliant Soul reaching through the veil to prove the continued connection we have?"

A message channeled for a group of Moms with Children in Spirit

Channeled March 02, 2020

Laura Mirante



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