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The Millennial generation and the Children of the World; Soulful Insight from Princess Diana

Channeling with Princess Diana

"There is a need to listen.

There is a need to stand guard for the pure innocence and powerful potentials in the souls of these children.

There is a need to illuminate the brilliance in their innocence and in the knowingness that exists in that availability.

There is a deep soulful awareness in this generation of a need to change this reality and all souls being born into it are triggered now - triggered to live in a way that aligns with truth, triggered to live in a way that illuminates self-deception, triggered to reflect back to the previous generations, the self-animosity created with the dualistic environment based on material wealth as an identity.

That’s what you’re seeing in the successive generations coming forward, where the Millennials are still digging their feet in and holding a space for the future generation to create something different.

The old generation is still condemning their inability to just give in to the self-denial that the previous generation has identified with.

That’s the struggle for control in this moment and the older generation are trying, with all that they are, to force future generations to live according to the conditions of the past, according to the fears of the previous generations.

That is what’s coming to the surface now.

The inability of the older generation to define what is capable of being created here, of how these institutions dismiss the relevance of pure potential.

It is relevant that there is a reckoning, that there are souls in tiny, little humans that are more expansive than the adults that are claiming authority over them.

***So, there needs to be those than can relish in the glory of pure innocence, that can support unstructured education, that can sustain a willingness to believe in a creative potential that has yet to be made manifest.***

That’s what is missing. That’s what your generation was not gifted with.

*There were too many people telling too many people what they should do, what they needed to do and how inconceivable it was to achieve, for anybody to feel hopefully entitled to explore positive potentials outside the realm of previous manifestations.

Yet here we are, at a moment of confrontation of self and there is energy moving across the globe trying to condemn that potential to the old ways of being, trying to hold the future generations hostage to the fears and misconceptions of the fear of the previous generation.

So, it is time to release the future generations from the ideas of those that exist now - as this is a sick society globally and there is nobody in a position of power that has accepted this position of power, as it is now, that realizes the need for a major reorganization, a true overhaul of the human structure of being, a true need to release humans from the futile system of existence.

See these new generations as born without limits and with the inner knowing that they do not have to oblige the old limits.

It’s different. Your generation, the previous generation, they felt obliged to identify with the old limits. There is none of that. That’s what the Millennials shifted.

No sense of responsibility to the parent’s way of living.

They realize the brilliance of the power of choice.

They have not yet realized the potential in their divine knowing but they’re getting there.

The children of the world are the seeds of the future and, as with all seeds, they need to be nourished and supported."

Channeled March 2020 Laura Mirante


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