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The Lost Soul

There is an experience of Being that is beyond logic.

There is part of every individual here that exists beyond the limits of physicality; an aspect of the individual that exists beyond its individuality.

There are those on the earth, in form, sensitive to the communications that occur simultaneous with the experience of Being human beyond the veil.

There are those that are aware of a shift in the feeling of Being that is indescribable and yet undeniable.

There are those that feel in this very moment that they are ready for something that they don’t quite understand yet, that they can’t quite conceive of yet.

And all of the inclinations manifest as a resistance to continue existing in the same manor as what has been logically accepted up until this very moment.

There are those walking on this earth today that feel the distinct difference in Being who they are now then Being what they once thought they had to be yesterday.

Consider it, All that is.

Consider All that we are as One Divine energy co-creating in this reality an experience of Being

Consider that that inner intelligence is distinctly more available now;

That there is a common goal among all Souls coming to the surface of the human consciousness,

And that goal is to be at peace with themselves.

Every individual looks to calm the inner angst, the inner uncertainty, & the insecurity that being uncertain brings.

The mind can’t conceive of the actual addition to its experience that would complete that sense of Wholeness and well being,

yet It is simple Divine Truth that is unrecognizable, that is perceived often as irrelevant.

It is instinctual knowing that is ridiculed by logic, dismissed by the ego looking to accommodate material needs, wants and desires above all else.

In essence it is our Essence we have forgotten.

In truth we are Divine energy, Divine Souls connected energetically to All that Is.

You are on this earth now to be a part of a shift in consciousness to an experience of Being human that allows a higher Conscious awareness of our Divine essence, not only to be perceived but to be freely embodied without choice affecting the purest expression of wholeness;

Where the only choice is “Who AM I Now?”
Divine Truth
Mentally manipulated projections of Being

Humanity has often explored the difference between Truth and rationalizations that justify ego manipulation of Truth, long seen the depletion of the energy of divinity, the dismissal of the relevance of the energy of purpose if it doesn’t fit into the egos’ mental construct of purpose.

Here in the grandest confrontation of Self humanity has explored together - we seek out the Lost Soul

For all the generations distracted by the magnificence of physicality,

By the beauty in material creation,

Distracted by the experience of exploring a distinct sense of separation from One another

And using all of the ego constructs of Truth to create the divisions, the separation, and the separate constructs of thinking asking for your allegiance.


It is the inner angst of all humans lost in depression -

it is the Lost Soul -

the lack of Will,

the lack of Energy of Inspiration. Don’t you see that is in Essence our Divinity

our Divine purpose and

our Divine sense of purpose as ONE;

as an individual gift to All that Is.

We have traveled so far into the Ego mind,

released so much of our feeling of Divinity and of our experience of allegiance to our Divine awareness that we have called forth this experience to illuminate the Oneness of Being

To illuminate the need to realign with the divine

To find the Lost Soul

To reimagine life as a Being of Light, as a Soul driven by purpose inspired by the experience of Being that serves All that Is.

Life as a human is only as difficult as the individual’s attachments to their ideas.

It is a reckoning that is occurring

A confrontation of the Ego by the Soul

A confrontation of the individual by the One

Where a pandemic can glorify in physicality the Oneness of our experience of Being

And yet still the Ego maintains control and fights for it’s individuality

Relentlessly over-identifying with distinguishably definable soulfully offensive constructs of Being.

We are at a stalemate for even the spiritual warriors have lost themselves to their ideas of right and wrong.

Even the gurus have gifted the Ego with their sense of superiority.

Look how many teachers were born in a pandemic.

How ridiculous that the Ego has not humbled itself to seek out truth in higher intelligence, rather than thoughts and ideas that create the illusion of superiority of one over another and separates more than ever the One in this reality.

This is a moment of reckoning where each individual is responsible in themselves to be aware of the resistance to embodying divinity;

To be aware of the thoughts that reject spontaneity according to Soulful inspirations and inclinations.

There is a path forward and it is the path within; within the expanse of Divine Love, within the expansive creative potentials, limitless potentials of our Divinity.

And as the human body mind and ego grapples with what to do with this Truth it still holds on to the construct and concept of free-will and choice being creators of this experience.

But what if that too is just an idea?

What if the concept of choice gave the ego too much power?

And that the only choice is to be Ones-self.

To be Ones-self there is no outside authority, only a sense of Divinity flowing through you moving you where the One feels you fit, you complement, support and inspire the experience of Being.

Not many are willing to let go of their ideas of what they have to Be according to their responsibilities and duties to friends family and society.

So many ways logic will justify those limits,

As if that is living in integrity even if it is goes against the Soul’s desires to Be.

There are a myriad of ways this can be seen in this reality at this time

The question is clear;

How will we go forward?

The only answer that is real is that Truth will lead us.

So we are at that point of it being appropriate to choose Truth without knowing what that is, without knowing what that means but knowing that all ideas of responsibilities and obligations to the old ideas of Being are obsolete.

The institutionalized version of being human has dismantled the inner authority which speaks the voice of Truth

And only the individual’s determined Will to be at peace with Ones-self within can bring this life back into balance; can bring that Lost Soul home.


Who is this speaking?

I feel the energy speaks for itself, I am One with All that is and yet have felt the divisive nature of the ego-mind in all of it’s glory in physicality and overcame and transcended the limits of the cognitive conscious ideas of choice.

I am the Buddha

The Soul’s Joy is re-imagining life free from fear, doubt and uncertainty of Being.

That is pure Joy When you live Bliss you know all is as is meant to be and in alignment with that state of inner peace you create a field environment that offers others this path to Divine intelligence expanding in their field their sense of entitlement to Be peace and in that peace to find the Joy of Being.

That is the call to action or the call to stillness rather of the moment.

It is where when the individual establishes Peace within it is no longer felt as an individual.

Buddha - Channeled 1/11/22

via Laura Mirante


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