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The Heart is the outlet for all of the Love in your Soul-You can choose to plug into divine purpose.

You live from Love. You choose to live from the part of you that understands who we are as divine beings of light and that is the Love that exists within you.

If you can’t find your way there in a moment create an image, create a visualization to use.

Imagine the Heart being the Source of Love for you in this world.

Imagine that that Heart right there in your body is the outlet for all of the Love you have in your Soul and that you just need to plug in, right there into your Heart.

Can you see it?

Can you create that image in your mind?

That there is an outlet there in your chest, in that Heart Center, and that you can take your awareness at any point of any day and plug it into that Heart Center and that Heart Center will bring you Peace and that Heart Center will bring you a sense of divinity and purpose in a moment.

*But you’ve gotta unplug it from the intellect, you’ve gotta bypass that human aspect of you and plug right into the divine in you, for it exists; and all those that have worked this process know it.

They know the way out of the mind is through the Heart.

They know the way out of the fear is through the Love.

This is where you find your Peace of mind dear ones, in the Heart, when you take your awareness out of the mind and bring it to the Heart, that’s when all the intensity of the mind can calm down, that’s when the energy of Love can calm it...

Channeled 3-27-15 25:55

via Laura Mirante


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