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Riding Light Like Lightning; When an Angel Takes Your Hand - 2 children's interpretations of Dying

Riding Light Like Lightning

It was so fast, mom.

It was so fast it was like lightning.

It was like riding light.

Can you imagine it?

Can you imagine that it just shoots out of nowhere and it picks you up and it takes you back with it just as quickly as it came?

You become a part of it –

a flash and you’re gone and you’re everywhere…

It’s like random movies playing all over the place and you can just turn in any direction and get a glimpse of somebody somewhere that loves you, that needs you, that wants you to hear their prayers, that wants you to know they are thinking about you and it all feels so good.

You know, I feel the sadness but I don’t feel it the way you do.

It feels like a call to action, mom.

It feels like a call for love and I say, ah, somebody forgot I’m real, let me make my presence known.

When an Angel Takes Your Hand

I need you to know I closed my eyes and I went to sleep and I had a dream.

In the dream I was just walking.

I was just walking and it was like the ground just changed.

It wasn’t there. It was like air.

I kept walking and I knew exactly where I was going and this beautiful angel took my hand, mom.

I knew who she was.

I felt like you knew her to.

I felt like you sent her.

She made me feel like you were with me, so I knew I was okay.

I just want you to know that.

It’s like there’s a you here with me but in angel form.

When you go to sleep you know it’s me.

You know it’s you that’s with me.

Channeled January 2021

via Laura Mirante


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