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Powerful Insight on Fear of Lack from 7/11/21 Soulful relevance channel

How do you break that cycle?

You see it for what it is and you think of all the ways in your own life you’ve pursued that feeling of superiority, you’ve felt entitled over others in any way.

No individual is being condemned.

No individual is being punished.

We are collectively exploring our soul’s desire for equanimity of purpose of being.

It is only in the intelligent idea of a hierarchy that defines one job more worthy than another, of more value monetarily, never recognizing the feeling of that lack of equanimity there, staying focused on the rationalizations that justify this situation. It comes from every level, not just from the top - from all those at the bottom that say,

“I have to do this. This is how I have to live; we have to live”.

We tell our children this is what it is.

We give our power away.

What is our power?

What is our true source of power?

What is our true source of abundance?

What is our true source of existence?

What has created all life experiences?

There would be nothing without the Divine, yet the mind has dismissed the relevance of intuitive intelligence which is the wisdom of the Divine in this reality. There has never been a greater push from the soul in the direction of alignment of intuitive intelligence and intellectual inclination.

29:28 You are here today to know that. You ask, but where does it fit in this reality?

It doesn’t, does it?

It doesn’t. That’s the point.

That’s why so many people feel this unease.

That is why so many people recognize this feeling of apathy.

"What is the purpose of living?," so many minds ponder... It is not the pursuit of financial wealth.

So many generations have proved that.

So many souls have taken their lives because of the lack of fulfillment in that pursuit.

You’re done, that’s what you feel. You’re done giving all of this glorious divine energy over to that pursuit. You’re done watching generation after generation at war with each other. It does not feed the soul. It does not fill that void and you want the pursuit of purpose now.

You want the freedom to believe experiencing exploring your unique purpose can fulfill you, can support you, can sustain life in this world. Of course, it can but what kind of life do you require it sustain?

There’s the logical limit the divine intelligence is confronting in this moment, dear ones, because if you don’t want to live in this reality the way that this reality is defined, don’t ask your energy of purpose to fit into it. That is where you must be willing to step out of it.

Step out of your ideas of what is necessary so you can explore what serves, what serves through you the wholeness of being?

Anyone that has touched another human being on a soul level and shifted their idea of themselves in a positive direction knows exactly what abundance truly is.

You want to change your experience, see where you can serve.

You want to understand the divine intelligence exchanged on the deeper level of self, care more for others.

Extend yourself selflessly in the direction of those who need and you will feel abundant in your experience of you.

You will see the energy of abundance move more fluidly in this experience and the more that do this you create a society based on this.

Don’t ask this to fit into your parameters of what is right and necessary in this world, in this society.

Ask where you can serve the higher purpose that has the higher potentials that can create a union of being where we instantly know where we fit in each other’s experience, what we’re here to bring to one another - not take from one another, not gain from one another.

That’s it, there you have it.

There are ideas that keep you from knowing the divine you.

You do not, in any way, despair.

Your efforts at looking at where you can serve are not dismissed or diminished.

...You are in a collective human experience and you are up against the collective resistance of ego complacency.

That desire to fit in that rejects any existential effort at inspiring the need to resist, to recoil, to reapproach life with a feeling of divine relevance – who thinks that way?

Who says,

“Oh, yeah, I must have forgot I’m divine. I’m divine energy manifesting in a physical world reality to challenge my attachment to the ideas of what I need to be?”

It is relevant to be aware of where you place your focus, what "idea of you" you’re using to assess the value of the experience of you.

It’s not easy to change the tides of an entire generation.

Channeled 7/11/21

via Laura Mirante

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