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Message from a child in spirit to his grandma about how he watched over his mom as he was passing

I was with her. I watched her. I kept telling her it was time. I kept telling her it was okay. I wanted her to know I was already gone. I had no feeling of staying behind. I was supposed to be in the energy. I tried to stay with her to keep her company because I felt that she was scared to be alone.

I think I know now that she was scared that I was alone and I was never alone. That was the thing. I had everybody all around me – the angels, the archangels, my family and the family none of us knew we had. I had so much light and so much love and I was carried through in so many different ways by so much different love. I never felt alone...”

“I’m right here. I’m always right here. Everything I am is in everyone I love and I feel like everyone knows that. Everyone can feel my love when they think of me. I really truly believe that. That if you just think of me my love comes to the surface in your heart. It rises up and it overflows and it lets you know I’m right here. I really believe that. I also really believe you know everything I’m about to tell you but I want to remind you of what you already know. Everything I Am you are and I Am here because God wants me here. I’m here because there is a purpose for me beyond anything mom and me could believe. I’ve never, for a moment, lost hope – not in myself, not in my mother, and not in our connection to each other.”

“... I do it all the time. I come right up to her and I hug her. I hug her on the bottom, I hug her on the top and I hug her in the middle, and I hug her all around so she feels it. Sometimes I carry her through the whole day that way and I’ll do it every day until she realizes it’s me.”

Channeled by Laura Mirante


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