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Mastering the Game of Life

So let the little mind go in whatever direction it feels it must. Allow it, with your emphasis or effort being of not aligning with it.

The mind can have whatever thoughts it wants as long as you don’t label and attach to the label.

The mind will have a thought that may instigate a habit of attaching to fear and if you are in a state of observation you are able to

  • watch the thought and

  • observe the thought

  • without any real power

  • until you give it the emotion

  • that then gives it power.

This is where you learn self-mastery.

For in the moment that you are able to observe the thought without allowing the fear to overwhelm your identity you are able to choose another way.

This is how you re-pattern the flow of awareness in you which is the key to freedom.

When you can control the way you perceive life you have mastered life.

You have mastered being a human being and you have mastered being a Soul in a human experience and that is the game of life

Michael channeled 3/18/17

by Laura Mirante


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