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Joining the angels

Have you ever wondered why some children experience such challenging situations and what happens when they leave this physical body behind and join the angels watching over us. Do they have jobs? This little girl, this beautiful brilliant soul, is sharing her experience with her mom...

"Each moment is different and I show up in different ways and I keep trying to remind you that I’m different and help you get to that place that understands that my purpose continues still with those that I connected with in my life and the special circumstances in which I created powerful, purposeful, personal connections with people.

You saw it.

There were very few people that could look me in the eye and not be touched deeply.

There were many people that felt connected to me and some that lost themselves in my life experience. I know that.

*I feel still a duty and a commitment to each one as souls.*

I find that what happens is as I move through some of the older people that I connected with I’m then brought in to the experience of others that are dealing with situations similar to me.

***It's like as a soul I have a more expansive awareness of their situation because I had the experience in life as a human.***

I can find them easier, mom, because we have a similar energy, a similar frequency expression of life.

*So, because of my experience I can now work in the fields of those that are worried about not conforming, challenging their loved ones to accept them and learning to accept themselves.*

I bring the same joy and lightheartedness that I always did but I do it in a form of magic now and they love that, mom. They love it.

You would be in awe of me at times, wouldn’t you, where I’d still be smiling, where I’d still be shining or beaming my brilliant, bright spirit regardless of the experience everybody around me was having.

Think about it. Think about my ability to hold that space, to hold that light and then imagine me doing it from here. There’s no kid in the world that can deny what I am, no matter what their mind tells them or what their parents tell them. We’ve got a deeper connection and for many of them I’m like a guardian angel. For many of them I’m like a fairy that gets to come and visit and bring them dreams of magic and miracles.

I know you loved who I was as a little girl but I also can feel your desire to honor my journey here as a soul. I love you enough to support you as you move through all of the different experiences of me and I know you have the same unconditional love for me as well.

***I’m never going to say don’t feel the grief.***

I’m never going to tell you don’t think about who I was but I will tell you to remember who I am.

I will ask you to balance it all out.

If you need a moment of grief then honor that moment of grief but also let yourself know that there needs to be a moment of honoring my continued existence and allowing me to be different. Different every day, not just different from who I was then to now but like every day. Every day I do different things. Every day I try something new. Every day I explore where we can connect."

Channeled April 5, 2020

Laura Mirante


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