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Imagine everybody you ever knew wrapping their arms around you...

A daughter's message about her experience transitioning channeled for her mother:

"That’s the funniest thing. No matter how much you think you can plan it, the minute it takes you over you are awestruck.

You are baffled.

You’re overwhelmed.

You can’t quite contain it in any way in any idea.

You can’t imagine it. You just can’t.

So, I can’t imagine a word or a way to put it to you.

There was just nothing left of old me and everything of who I truly am.

I expanded right out of my body, I could say it like that, where everybody that ever loved me on any level in any lifetime, in any way, immediately embraced me.

Imagine that.

Imagine everybody you ever knew wrapping their arms around you in this big circle of people just wrapping their arms around each other and then another circle around them and another circle around them and it just keeps going.

Then imagine that it all collapses into each other, everybody collapses into each other, it all collapses into One.

I didn’t think I could put it into words the way I wanted to but I like that. That’s what it felt like for me. That’s what it still feels like.

There’s no end to these rings of love around me. How do you like that?

Now, here’s the thing that I find really interesting.

They are always there.

They are all around you.

I know you felt them sometimes, especially during the harder times..."

Channeled 1/20/2020

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