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I'm going to make it real!

A message for a mom from her beautiful daughter's warrior spirit...

"I’m everywhere and in everything and I’m determined to prove it. I’m going to move mountains, mom. I’m going to make storms happen out of nowhere and

I’m going to show you that we are all connected.

I think you already think you understand it but I’m going to make it real.

I’m going to make it so nobody can deny it anymore, that what we are is more than what we think we are and who we are to each other is purpose – energetic purpose.

You and I, intertwined as the souls that we are and committed to each other because of the human experience, are created together.

You loved me more than life and I love in the way you challenged me – the way you brought me to me, the way you showed me all the ways I couldn’t give up, all the ways I couldn’t dismiss my relevance. Everything that you do now makes me feel even more validated than you can imagine.

There are so many souls here that are never recognized, that are never appreciated as still alive, that aren’t realized as part of life itself and I want to give each one of them the chance to appreciate life as a part of a continuum."

Channeled December 20, 2019 Laura Mirante


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