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Melting into the Ocean of All that Is - A Unique Interpretation of Dying

I felt each step.

I felt everything washing away from me.

Imagine just walking into the ocean and as you are walking in, it's like piece by piece is falling off of you and you just melt into it. That’s what it was like for me.

It was like I just melted right into it and then I just began to float away...

...It was immediate though. That’s the thing. It’s not like we have to figure it out.

It wasn’t like I needed directions or I needed anybody there to show me how.

It was a knowing.

It was an awareness that comes over and says this is it! This is what you’ve been feeling pulling at you that you couldn’t figure out for all that time and it’s really real.

If you take a step forward you’ll know exactly which direction to go in.

It was so simple. It was so easy. It was the easiest thing I ever did..."

channeled 12/20/19

Laura Mirante


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