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For moms that want to connect with children in spirit. Be kind and compassionate with yourselves.

Breathe deeply. Be kind and compassionate with yourselves. Never put a timeline on the growth of the ability to communicate between realms.

You are simply clearing the path with each thought that you question, that you advance in to a more positive reflection of our divine connection.

Each time you do that, each time your mind says, "I miss them" and you reply, "well then, I have to go into my soul and find them. I want to lay in wait in my heart to experience them, not reiterate the distance in my mind, but close the gap by going deeper into the soul connection."

It is awareness that brings you this opportunity to see the way the thoughts distract you from the connection.

It is in your power with every breath to be responsible for the moment and only the moment. What you did yesterday is gone. What you are doing tomorrow is for the divine to define.

Breathe kindly into your heart.

Breathe lovingly into your soul and remind yourself that this is an exploration of being limited by a human mind that cannot comprehend our true divine nature and that is the nature of Faith in this world - to take you places that the mind does not realize exists.

Channeled April 05, 2020 by Laura Mirante Photo: Antonio Graves took this awesome photo that has art, graphics, ornament, pattern, fractal, person, human, astronomy, outer space, universe in it


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