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Death: It’s like a treasure hunt and you’re the treasure.

This channel paints one of my favorite images of the experience of dying:

"...It’s like I walk into this musty, musky, dusty old room in my mind; ya know a place I haven’t explored in a while and all of a sudden the light shines in and beneath the dust are bits and pieces of me that I left behind.

I get to clean it off, and look at it all and think about what life would have been like if I didn’t lose so many bits and pieces of me along the way

If I didn’t hide them up in these dark corners in my mind

I want to give people that image because it’s true.

It’s like that when you finally leave the body, part of your journey home is going through all of those dark closets in your mind, all of those shadowy corners and looking for what and where you hid those pieces of you that were so marvelous, so brilliant, so bright you couldn’t even look at them.

Imagine what it’s like.

It’s like a treasure hunt and you’re the treasure

You’re the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

As you’re crossing the rainbow what you’re doing is you’re picking up the bits and pieces of gold so when you get there you fill the pot.

I just want to leave you with that image of dying.

Channeled 12/19/18

via Laura Mirante


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