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Channeling with the soul of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, September 19, 2020

  1. Ruth Bader Ginsberg

  2. Perspective from the Otherside

I feel excited about life now. I know that sounds ridiculous but you have no idea until you step through it that you are already in it, that you’ve always been in it. I think we all do really know that and at some point, in our life we allow ourselves to believe it even if it’s only for a brief moment. Some extend that moment and some allow it to define their experience. I knew quite well what I was doing. I knew I had a purpose – to be me, the most authentic version of me I could be. I knew early on that the challenges to be me were an integral part of the experience of me and of developing a strong sense of purpose in being me and not bending to the will of the ego authority all around me. I always felt that rebellious nature from within and that I had to stand my ground and hold myself true to me. That’s integrity.

It’s not about being loyal to a country at all. It’s not about listening to the founding fathers at all. They spoke in a human voice. They weren’t divine. They were people, human beings. They were guided by higher purpose so they were inspired by that and at that time things were new. Things were unsettled and that’s the greatest moments of creation. When we get complacent in our stability and the stabilizing, institutionalized constructs, well there we go. We’re lost in that structure of being.

Instability creates a freedom of creative expression that other wise can’t be explored, won’t be explored - not if we need to accommodate the status quo and what brings us an ego accommodation. That’s the thing. I realized early on that my confrontations, those challenging moments in my life, were there to keep me in balance because my profound purpose would lift me up and elevate me beyond my ideas of limits.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew there were limits and I knew I was here to challenge them. I just didn’t realize the depth of the effect of the efforts that I made on the surface, the permanency of the shifts in the cognitive ideas of being free because of the proof of the effect of the effort at being consistent in my devotion to authenticity.

That’s integrity! You’re true to you.

You’re true to the inner workings of your divine knowing and how they confront your attachment to your ego assumptions. All along I knew, as the soul that I am, was that my life was showing me who I came to be and that all I needed to do was be true to myself, to be honest with myself, to be worthy to bring in the kind of experiences I attracted in my life. I had to clear the field for it. To allow those planes to land I had to clear the field. They would land in the greatest moments of conflict. Think about it. It’s like in the middle of the hurricane you’ve got to get out there and dust off the landing field. Imagine that. Then it lands. By God’s grace the winds don’t touch it because of your Faith. You see what I mean? You can’t see it coming. You don’t know how it’s going to keep its balance and find its way into this exact opening in the storm but you know that the same inner guidance that prompted you to clear a field in the middle of a hurricane was going to guide those gifts from God exactly where they needed to be.

Ah, I'd keep doing it. In the midst of the hurricanes of my life I would clear the field. I would create the space and God would land the planes and sometimes they’d unload the cargo and sometimes I’d climb up in them. I never knew which one it was going to be but I cleared the field nonetheless, over and over and over again, because I realized after awhile that was my purpose.

Every time I cleared the field of all the ideas of wrongdoings and judgments and assumptions and fears something more magnanimous would come in, an awareness, an insight, a governing body of truth would overwhelm me, a sense of moral obligation to our Oneness, to the need for balance and equanimity in this reality.

Even as a human being I brought so much of this inner balance to my creative expression - small, demure but never overtly feminine. I have to say it was an interesting construct to move through this world with such an appearance of weakness, yet to have such power and might and force in my inner voice that I could stand confidently among men who towered over me, not only in their physicality but in their ego sense of authority and their projections of brute force as a means of intimidation.

Over and over and over again I saw that same archetype in my field, that same man stepping in my way trying to hold me back from speaking my truth, trying to intimidate me into feeling unworthy to feel entitled to be received authentically.

Over and over and over again in this lifetime I saw them all as the same man, as the same little boy still trying to live up to his father’s ideas of power and might. I knew that all along. I wasn’t there to scold them. I wasn’t there to condemn them or judge them. I was there to stand in my power so that my inner balance would require them to explore their imbalance.

That’s the gift of knowing who you are and knowing you don’t have to figure out how to have an effect on this world because there is a higher power, a creative source of all-knowingness, that guides each one of us intuitively, instinctively and if we are smart enough to listen (and that smart has nothing to do with an education), if we are smart enough to hear that higher intelligence, we can bring ourselves into balance in this world. If we are willing to believe that is the voice of truth that truth becomes our driving force and it is the way we become the vehicle for truth in this world.

It was always my goal to be that truth because I always believed truth would bring balance and I still do.

There is fear in this world because of the plagiarism, because of the misuse of words, because of projection of words as weapons now. So, I see clearly how important it is for people to understand who they are from within because too many are getting lost with who they think they have to be according to what the words say outside of them. I have a strong sense that humanity is coming to terms with itself in this moment because the resistance is like a hurricane.

That’s my message. Clear the field so the gifts can arrive. Clear the field so the rescue planes can come and lift you above the storm.

I have my own journey to attend to now and, similar to how I felt my entire existence as Ruth, I feel the energy of purpose pulling me now toward a greater assemblage of my parts - the pieces of me that I have left unexplored. There is always more to who we are and I’m gloriously inspired to take this step beyond reason now. I have lived my life according to those dictates, those limits, those logical requirements. I am free of that and I may expose many that connect with me to the insights and higher awareness that comes through me now. I feel as if my voice still has an effect in this world and I know many are worried what will become of my seat, of my place, of my position, of my role? My role is the same. The essence of the energy of the existence of me will always have influence on this reality.

So, I will explore expanding that voice. I will continue to serve this country in a way now that allows this country to recognize its obligation to serve the world. I feel confident that the moral integrity of the majority of the population will learn from these past few years what it means to stand in integrity, what it means to quiet the outer voices so you can hear the inner voice of truth. I will not dismiss the relevance of my statements, the statements my life continue to make.

I will not condemn another human being for the misconceptions in their belief systems that hold them hostage to the angry assumptions of the limited generations that came before us. I will advance my directive here and say quite clearly that I, as a human being, was astute in my assumptions of this President and I feel it is relevant to recognize the interplay here.

There is no randomness to my exit. There is an experience to explore here for all of us and each one of us now is put to task to see truth – to see it for the way that it confronts our comfort in our ego accommodations. Many will explore this. Many will deny the need for the exploration and I believe that will determine the direction of the future of this country. It is up to the individual citizens now to choose love of one another over profiting over one another.

It appears to me now that you’re either going to serve the ego aspect of the human experience or a soulful sense of purpose in exploring our Oneness. This Oneness that I speak of now implores humanity to let go of the conditions of logic that keep us separate from one another.

There are no groups here in spirit. As far as I see, I exist as an energy in a vast ocean of energies where we are all One exploring the depth of the potentials that exist between us.

I know now with great certainty that we have the power individually to shift the direction of this reality with focused intention and devotion to loving one another. It is the ultimate gift to humanity to face the one that challenges you most and accept nothing less, no thought less than love of this other. It is the only way we can explore truth together.

Channeled September 19, 2020

via Laura Mirante


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