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Freedom from Fear

Podcast channeled March 27, 2015

We come into these exchanges with a willingness and an awareness that there is an openness on the earth plane now that is ready to integrate what it is we here in spirit understand about who you are as human beings. We want to bring that forward so that you, as the human beings that you are, can benefit from the awareness that we have as souls. So we join you collectively as a group of loving souls that have existed on the earth plane that have had those physical world experiences, that have allowed the dense energies of the physical definition to challenge us to know our true divine nature. That is what you are existing in right now – the dense energy created by a desire to be physical for you are divine light, a divine energy of truth that goes so far beyond that physical body you can’t even comprehend your totality.

There is a sense that it is important for humans to really believe this, for humans to really get it, to really take that information and integrate it in a way that affects your human experience. It is easy to move about this material oriented world in a state of self-denial, denying the true divine energy that you are. It helps you fall into this physical definition. It helps you get lost in that material world and create an identity around that and it is important that you do that. You need to have that experience. There is value in that experience, for what would the purpose be of creating this dense environment if we weren’t going to use it and benefit from it?

So, you see, those that are so metaphysically inclined and so aware of who they are as souls have an inclination now to judge those that don’t; to put those people down who are not searching for their divinity, who are not challenging themselves in ways that allow them to see that divine light of truth flow through them.

There is no point for judgment here for we are each on our own pace. We are each moving through this human experience with our own soulful awareness driving us and defining each and every human experience that we engage. There is a divine source of inspiration that guides every individual human experience. So how could some human being judge that? How could you, an individual human being, possibly think that you can know the culmination of energies that creates any individual beings experience? You can’t; so don’t try. Take that responsibility off of yourself. You no longer need to judge others. It is not for you to judge where another is on their journey or how close they are to knowing themselves as divine beings of light. It is not for anyone to judge that – not even for the individual themselves.

So as you find yourself judging others ask yourself how you feel about who you are, how you feel about what you are allowing yourself to express as you. Do you judge that? Do you feel entitled to judge it? Do you, the limited intellectual aspect of you, feel that you can know the profound nature of this divine experience in its totality? Even if you did does that give you permission to judge? Can we let that go? Can we finally let that aspect of the human experience go?

There is so much freedom to be had for so many human beings if they would just let that go! If they could just find it in themselves to say, “I am no longer going to judge myself because I don’t, in my human mind, completely understand everything I’ve experienced as the soul that I am. I couldn’t possibly fathom why it is I would configure my life in this way; what it is I am growing from, what it is I am teaching others, or why it is I have to go through these experiences that I go through. I don’t want to judge me just like I don’t want to judge the Divine creating this experience. I want to exist in a state of surrender – surrender to the wisdom of the source of creation, surrender to the wisdom of the soul that drives me, that inspires me, that instigates in me a desire to experience something that teaches me something about me. I want to surrender to the idea that I don’t have to figure life out.

I just have to experience it without judgment, that there is no great provider of life that is judging how I use it. I want to exist in an awareness that the source of life is a free-spirited energy of willingness, wisdom, and divine awareness that cannot be confined in any intellectual interpretation. I want to surrender my life over to the higher aspect of me so that I can set myself free of worry, free of doubt, insecurity and fear. I want to trust that there is a Divine Intelligence running through me and every experience that I have, calling in every experience I have, calling forward every human being and soul that I am here to engage, to interact with, and to learn from or benefit. I want to trust in the divine flow of life.”

Oftentimes I can look back and see my experiences from a much more expansive point of view than I could in the moment. How many of you have experienced that, where in the moment you thought life was devastatingly over or unfairly challenging and yet after that weeks, months or years pass you are able to look back at those experiences and see the value, find some beauty, some awareness that was instigated because of the experiences?

If you know this, if you have experienced this, can you trust it? And you let that be what brings you comfort in the moments of uncertainty. Can you bring that awareness to your mind when you are feeling victimized by life? Can you say to your thoughts in a moment, “Please stop leading me down a road of fear for I know better. I know that in this moment I may not be able to see the more expansive awareness that this experience is bringing me. I may not be able to interpret the purpose behind this experience but I am willing to step away from the fear. I am willing to open up to an idea of a higher frequency energy defining my experience that knows beyond me who I came to be and what experiences I came to use to help me uncover that beautiful potential that is me.”

It is a freeing thought - one that does take effort in creating in the mind, in the moments of challenge and uncertainty but it is your key to open the door to exit fear - that simple awareness that there is a purpose behind the experience that I cannot fully comprehend in my intellect but that I know exists. If I hold on to that thought, if I keep my mind open to that thought, if I keep my open to that awareness it allows me to detach from the negative interpretations my humanness may be coming up with regarding the experience I am engaging. Once I detach from that I lift. I elevate the frequency in me which can then bring awareness – maybe not of the big picture or the purpose behind the experience but at least enough to allow me to move through it and not feel stuck in my sense of victimhood. That is where so many of you – so many of you – sit – in judgment of life, in judgment of one’s own inabilities to stay focused on the light. Do you see the difference? If an experience happens and it challenges you and you feel victimized by it - when you come to the recognition and you do, you always do, that you are playing victim, that you are, as you would say, having the pity party, that you are staying stagnant in that fear driven energy - when you come to that awareness that that is where you are what do you do with it? Do you just accept it and say, well, that is where I am so I’ll stay here? How does that feel to you?

We don’t mean to dismiss the integrity of the experience because there is something to it, for as souls we don’t know that feeling. As divine perfect energies of truth and integrity we don’t understand the separateness of duality. That is why we came to Earth. That is why we’ve decided to have this human experience. But is that all we want to sit in or do we want to move beyond it? When you choose to move beyond it and you go forward and life knocks you down again what do you do and how long do you stay there? Do you fall right back into that same place and say, ah yes, I remember this well? I know the role of victim. It is quite comfortable for me now. I’ve played it for decades. I’ve created an identity around it and, you know what, I don’t know if I’ll know who I am if I choose to disregard that aspect of me, if I choose to believe that I can heal myself by changing the way I view myself. It is a challenge and not an easy one but a freeing one if the effort is made. So you have to ask yourself how do you want to feel in this human experience – imprisoned by your fears or free because of your willingness to hold your thoughts in a higher frequency?

It is life. It is physicality. It is meant to challenge you. All of these healing modalities and meditations that we do are meant to assist us in moving through the challenges. So many metaphysical teachers promise you enlightenment, promise you freedom from the darkness in this reality but the darkness serves and it is going to always be there. It is a part of the human experience and it is meant to challenge us. It is meant to be used to propel us, not to keep us back, only to give us the option to have that experience. It is an option and not one with judgment for there are many lifetimes. We like to come into this physical world and lose ourselves in that state of awareness just for the sensation it brings us as the souls that we are. Can you appreciate that as the human being that you are? Can you find a way to get to an openness of mind that can say, “Well, maybe that is possible. Maybe there is value in these experiences that I judge so harshly. Maybe there is something here that my soul wants me to experience. Maybe I don’t know it all and maybe I am willing to keep a door open for the enlightenment that can come with the willingness to let go of any certainty of what I think is.”

You are all moving through your own experiences in your own ways. Life is intensifying. There is no doubt about that. How are you maneuvering through it? Do you feel that you are sitting in the same challenge you have been sitting in for a year, or two, or more? Or do you feel your challenges have shifted? Yes, that is a barometer for growth. Are you willing to integrate the awareness that comes with every challenge or are you still going to defend your right to believe that life shouldn’t challenge you - that it has no right to challenge you, that life was meant to be perfect, easy, and free? Well, dear ones, this is a startling wakeup call, isn’t it, but it is a wondrous awareness to assimilate – the idea that you came for the challenges, you came for the growth that comes from moving through these challenges and not aligning with the fear that is instigated by the misinterpretation of the experience. That is what it is. When we think we know, when we rationalize in our heads and justify our right to be victim, all we are saying is, “I’m not done with this energy yet! I want to sit in it some more! I want to feel it over and over and over again! I want to feel separate, alone, uninspired, and victimized!”

So know that. It is your choice. No matter what situation you are going through, right now there are so many trying to justify in their own minds why they have the right to feel victimized. Is it you? Are you feeling it? Are you feeling resistance to these words, to this concept? Are you feeling offended by it? Good – recognize that – because that is truth hitting the illusion.

That is when it feels so uncomfortable for you to believe it. It is when the inspirational energy is trying to show you a way out and the ego is resisting.

Now ask yourself why? Why? Why would your ego want to sit in it? It is because a part of the ego’s job is to create the form and structure of duality. So, of course, it wants to perpetuate the experiences that keep you feeling that distance from the One, detachment from the inclination of the energy that we are because when you are in alignment with your soul, with the higher aspect of who we are, you recognize that life is a series of events, a series of experiences. Some will be judged as good. Some will be judged as bad. Some will be labeled in this way or in that way but what clears that slate clean is the idea that they are all divine. Isn’t that a freeing way to move through life – without the judgments, without saying, well, this was a good experience and this was a bad experience? Shift it to this was an intense experience and that was an incredibly intense experience both equally phenomenal, both equally divine, none less than the other, inspiring change and growth.

Can you shift out of this inclination in the human being to interpret it all so linearly, to put it all in categories, to try to label it all in some nice, neat, concise way for the logical aspect of who we are? Can you expand into the divinity of every moment here on Earth? Can you recognize that every moment truly is a divine gift to you? Do you have to be at death’s door to realize that? Ask those that are there and they will tell you. Ask those experiencing life threatening illnesses what it is important. Each moment – that is what they will tell you. Each moment is a gift not to be taken for granted, not to be defined, not to be judged or labeled as good or bad. Each moment is an opportunity to be here, to be a divine energy expressing itself in a physical way. Let this awareness shift you. Let it in.

That is first what we want to say. Those that are feeling resistance to this idea, those that want to judge, let this in. Challenge yourself to go through a day, a week, a month without judgment.

Can you do it? Can you set yourself free from it? Can you set others free? Can you exist without judgment? Can you? Can you dismiss the words right and wrong and good and bad? Can you dismiss them from your vocabulary and speak in terms of frequency, in terms of energy, in terms of intensity? For that is what it is – some experiences are more intense, some experiences feel like a higher frequency. Does that mean they are better? No. They are different, defined differently, created from a different energy for a different purpose. Don’t judge. Just be with it in the moment. Just be with the experience, fully present in the moment – not judging it, not projecting what you think will come next, not clouding the moment by all of the misinterpretations you have in your mind of what you think should be. That is not being present in an experience, not judging it while you are sitting in it.

Detaching from it all, oh, what a challenge but what a freeing effort. You live from love. You live from the part of you that understands who we are as divine beings of light and that is the love that exists within you. If you can’t find your way there in the moment create an image. Create a visualization to use. Imagine the heart being the source of love for you in this world. Imagine that heart, right there in your body, is the outlet for all of the love you have in your soul and you just need to plug in, right there into your heart. Can you see it?

Can you create that image in your mind? There is an outlet there in your chest, in that heart center, and you can take your awareness at any point of any day and plug it into that heart center and heart center will bring you peace, that heart center will bring you a sense of divinity and purpose in a moment. But you have to unplug it from the intellect. You have to bypass that human aspect of you and plug right into the divine in you. It exists and all those that have worked this process know it. They know the way out of the mind is through the heart. They know the way out of the fear is through the love. This is where you find your peace of mind, dear ones, in the heart. When you take your awareness out of the mind and bring it to the heart is when all the intensity of the mind can calm down. That is where the energy of love can calm it and help it recreate a new definition.

So here is a challenge for you. We have already given you one – exist a day without judgment, exist a week without judgment, then exist a month without judgment, then remove judgment from your life experience. Now we say the way there is by utilizing this outlet that is available to you by finding your way, each and every day, into that center of love and focusing there for as long as you can. Each day focusing longer - each day making more efforts throughout the day to bring yourself back to that center, back to that love, back to the truth that exists in the love - is the greatest effort you can give yourself to help heal the inconsistencies in the mind which create the inconsistent energies in your experience.

We have given you homework today. We have given you options to day. We are giving you what you are asking for – which is a way through these intense energies that you are experiencing now in your life. You want the details – go to the love and let them surface. That’s how it works. You will never find the divine awareness if you are focused on the fear. It is always when you are willing to look away from that limited interpretation of life that it will manifest in divine ways. So give yourself the gift of making these efforts and of detaching from the limiting interpretations of life that keep you uncertain of the divinity in the experience you are feeling challenged by.

Now many of you are feeling inspired to take your life in a new direction. Many of you are feeling an inclination, all of a sudden, to shift your life to live lighter, to live less bogged down by the minutia and heaviness of this material world. Ah, isn’t it inspiring that it comes at this time of the year? The spring which represents new growth. Tap into that energy. It is real. You are not separate from the earth. You are not separate from the energies of spring that inspire new growth in the ground itself! You are swimming in that energy. You are a part of that energy. Go with that energy! Do you see the sprouts resisting the natural inclination to expand beyond the seed?

No. They feel the pull and they respond. So you are feeling the pull – what are you going to do with it? Are you going to deny it because it doesn’t fit into your practical reality or are you going to listen to it? Are you going to let it pull you in the direction that your soul is asking you to move in? Where do you think the inspiration comes from? YOU!! Your soul saying, “Come on, we’ve done that long enough. Let’s do something different.” You know who you are. You know you feel it. Why deny it? Why pretend that is not real for you? Does that serve you? We will say, right here and now, very clearly it won’t. The desire won’t go away, people. We want to tell you that. It is going to intensify. Just like your soul is not going away. It is not going to just go away and let you live your limited interpretation of life. You’ve done that long enough or you wouldn’t be listening to this. Take a chance! Take a step away from everything that you have defined as normal in your life. Challenge yourself to step out of the comfort zone and see what happens.

Can you trust your soul? That inspiration is real and it is intense and it is intensifying. You can’t deny that. How long can you do that to yourself? What you are doing is denying yourself your truth and, oh, that hurts. Oh, that doesn’t feel good inside. You want to know what doesn’t feel good? That doesn’t feel good. You want to know what makes you question who you are and doubt your worth? It is that - not the experiences you had with your parents when you were young, not things that have happened in your life. It is you and your choices and it is time to own that.

If you are choosing to deny that inspirational wisdom that comes from within you, that comes from you for you, then you will live the life that you are uncomfortable in and you will continually wonder why you always feel like something is missing; why no matter what you accumulate, what you achieve, what goal you achieve, it is never going to fill you because that space inside of you is there for the divine aspect of you. Only when you allow that divine energy to flow through you into this experience does that space feel fulfilled, aligned, complete. Ah, there it is! That is what you are waiting for – that feeling of completeness, that sense that I am exactly who I was meant to be. I don’t need anything. I don’t need anyone or anyone’s approval. I know me and I know what I am here to be. How many of you can say that with that much certainty? And how many want to? How many can believe that it is possible? How many can let themselves find their way?

It is a true, magnificent realization of profound power – the truth that our souls have a plan. Intuition is the way our soul gives us direction to follow that plan. Synchronicity is the way our guides gives us signs, direction, a sense of support and an awareness of the interconnected nature of all life. Remember everything is energy. If we are energy and our intentions are energy then of course we can use our life experiences to validate our intuitive awareness. Yes, dear ones, you want to know how to maneuver through this intensity? Listen to this channel a few times. Let this truth sink in. Let it be a proactive creative part of your future and you will know change. You will know the beauty in change and you will embrace change. For that’s what we feel we are in the midst of – a great transition; a moment in reality where humanity is coming together and saying let’s change this experience. Let’s expand it and let’s be a part of something new. Here is how you do it. Follow these steps to freedom, dear ones – freedom from the fear.

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