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9/26 Afternoon Intuitive Development

Intuitive Development Every 4 weeks for 6 Months Starts 9/26/23 @ 11am Eastern time

  • Started Sep 26
  • From 225 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Learn to align the intelligent mind with the intuitive intelligence to live a purpose driven life. This class is taught by souls in spirit channeled through Laura every 4 weeks for 6 months. Each person receives specific channeled messages, energy downloads, meditations, mantras and insight into their own intuitive connections and blocks from Spirit guides, Arch Angels, Loved Ones, Ascended Masters and the Higher Self and other perspectives appropriate for the group. All sessions are recorded as listening over the month enhances the process of attuning the mind to the field of higher consciousness. Energy downloads integrated with the words assist in the interactive clearing process between sessions. This is an interactive process. The more you work with this energy the easier it becomes to receive clear intuitive guidance. I am pleased to share that we are partnering with the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to study how transformative practices influence interconnectedness, well-being, and intuition. Participants in this Intuitive Development Series are qualified to help IONS Discovery Lab change how we understand human potential, how we understand the nature of reality, and who we are as humans in this interconnected reality. More information about IONS Discovery Lab here: Testimonial : I just want to say how fantastic each of these sessions has been. They literally leave me speechless. I feel like the phrase “there are no words” is being taken to a whole new level for me. It really is like there are no words, only feelings which are inexpressible with words. I think that is what some of the channels have been talking about in terms of moving into the new energies. It’s so great! I know I’ve been channeling for years during sessions (and probably lots of others times too) but it always just happens spontaneously so i wanted to learn how to be more intentional with it. Just sitting in the energies while you channel I think has expanded me to be more open to the energies. I only hope to be as open as you one day! The synchronicities have been coming so fast I can’t even keep up with them. I have been journaling (for the first time ever!) to try and catch the big ones. Thanks again and again for jumping off and creating these classes and for your sharing your amazing skills and gifts with us all. ❤️ ​ Much Love, A.M. 6/2023

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+ 561-302-5405

Delray Beach, FL, USA

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