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Sally - Jumped in while I was channeling the entity Michael for a small group learning to expand their intuition  

- 1:04:44

I just had to jump in because I wanted each one of you to feel the difference 
I wanted to show you that 
We can speak in the same soliloquy;
We can be a part of the same existential communication; 
be in the same space, 
be in the same concepts
be in the same conversation 
And yet be mutually specific 

So here I am as a part and parcel of this experience, this exchange, and I’ll give it to you in a human way- I can sit in the energy of the entity Michael and still be Sally

I can use their grasp of the human experience, their ability to transcend realms and my humanness to make this very real for you.

"Imagine the Heart being the Source of Love for you in this world. 

…Imagine that that Heart right there in your body is the outlet for all of the Love you have in your soul…"

"…you can take your awareness at any point of any day and plug it into that Heart Center and that Heart Center will bring you Peace and that Heart Center will bring you a sense of divinity and purpose in any moment…”


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Cognitive depression of divinity



    'the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought,            experience, and the senses



    reduce the level or strength of activity in



    divinity is the state of things that come from a supernatural power or deity, such as a god, or       spirit beings, and are therefore regarded as sacred and holy.



Mental reduction in strength of one’s supernatural power

The pebble in the puddle ripples in all directions


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"We are energy;

we are not that physical body in that physical experience,

we are the energy using that body to experience the physical."