Two Day

Mothers Day Event 

By Laura Mirante

Join and receive a message

from the Soul of your Mother or your Child

for Mother's Day

A bond between a mother and child is never broken and can always be accessed intuitively. 

Let your mother or child remind you what it feels like when they connect with you.

As Laura channels their message you will feel in you where and what it feels like when they are in your presence.


Once you have had a channel it is up to you to keep your eyes, ears and all your senses open to signs.

Our loved ones are always eager to prove that there is something

more than this physical life and they

are still a part of it by confirming these channeled messages

with signs and synchronicities

that get your attention.

This experience can reawaken your ability to hear/see/know or just recognize the signs from your loved ones .

Live gathering in the comfort of

your own home

Friday May 7th 2021

At 6:00 pm 

Eastern Time Zone

Group for Mom’s to get messages

from their Children in Spirit


This event is closed

Saturday May 8th 2021

At 1:30 pm

Eastern Time Zone 

Group for People to get messages

from their Moms in Spirit


This event is closed


Other Payment Methods

Zelle (561-302-5405)

CashApp (561-302-5405)

Venmo (@Laura-Mirante)