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Mother's Day Event

Open the door to transforming grief in a new

expansive way

Join Laura as she hosts

Lisa Shaheen, Lorraine Murray & Karen Truhon

Via Zoom

Saturday May 9th 2020 

1pm-4pm Eastern Time Zone


Losing a loved one is a painful experience if you do not believe in the continuation of our existence in spiritual form. In a 3Dimensional reality we need tools to help us remember who we are as divine energy.


I've explored many different tools over the last 20 years and have found that the more I explore the easier it is for me to work with the divine energy of me and we as One. Healing comes when we realize that our loved Ones are not gone just in a different form on another dimension or level of self in our field.


I want to help you fill your spiritual toolbox by introducing you to some of the many different tools that have helped me open up to a divine conversation happening all around us always.


Learning to work with spiritual tools such as Channeling, HeartMath, ThetaHealing, EFT, Meditation, Reiki and Energy Medicine, among others, can empower you to connect with the divine in you. 


May 9th will be the first in a series of workshops created to help you learn tools to use to get calm and centered so you can explore a deeper connection within.


Suggested Energetic Contribution:  $44

Your contribution supports this event as well as Laura's continued effort to support grieving parents.

She has channeled messages for 80 moms from their children in spirit & is committed to continuing until each Mother or Father has made that connection. 

Please consider supporting this effort.

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