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Lisa Shaheen

6-classes $40.00 + options 


Wednesday October 27th

11am "eastern time zone" 


Tuesday November 2nd

6pm "eastern time zone"

1-1/2 hours 6-8 people 

Trauma Course


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Learn More About Lisa Shaheen

My health journey began at my birth. I was born with a congenital heart defect called "Tetralogy of Fallot". You would have looked at me and thought I was a healthy baby... except that my lips and fingernail beds had a slightly blue twinge to them. At the time, open heart surgery was not performed as regularly as it is today, so my parents decided to wait as long a possible before a surgery was scheduled. I underwent open heart surgery at the age of 9. I am so grateful for the care I received, so many years ago, at the Boston Children's Hospital. During my younger years, my amazing mother knew instinctively that I needed to eat only the most nutritious food she could find. Being of Italian and Lebanese heritage, that was not a difficult task. We always ate a true Mediterranean Diet. Hummus and lentils were staples in our home, along with a variety of vegetables prepared in delicious ways. You can find many of my family recipes on my recipe page! I believe this lifestyle, along with my mother's aversion to anything with sugar, is one of the reasons I am a healthy, thriving adult. I am passionate about researching safe products that we put on our bodies, learning about foods that heal and nurture our bodies, using essential oils for optimal health and practicing and training others in HeartMath. I am a testament to anyone who has heart issues, that you can lead a full, active and vibrant life. All you have to do is pay attention to your diet, stay active, and practice mindfulness. To Your Health!

Lisa Shaheen

Certified HeartMath Trainer

P: 305-772-3328

How HeartMath helps those affected by trauma

HeartMath techniques and technology:
  • Offers tools for emotion self-regulation and control of flashbacks and panic attacks.

  • Facilitate attunement between therapist and client, humanitarian aid workers and survivors, and parents and children.

  • Greatly enhances existing trauma therapies, including psychotherapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), yoga and other somatic therapies.

Heart Rate Variability coherence training:
  • Uses heart-rate variability and real-time biofeedback to demonstrate the effect emotions have on the body and to facilitate self-regulation.

  • Provides evidence-based treatment to improve common symptoms following trauma, including problems with attention, emotion regulation, learning, sleep, anxiety and depression.

  • Improves physiological and emotional resilience.

HeartMath techniques, technology and coherence training have helped so many:

  • The community of Moore, Okla. following a devasting 2013 tornado.

  • Students and parents following mass shootings at Sandy Hook and Parkland schools.

  • Children served by the Santa Cruz County Department of Children’s Mental Health.

  • Survivors of human trafficking.

  • Foster children and other children with developmental trauma.

  • Active-duty and combat veterans.

  • Syrian refugees and torture survivors in Lebanon.

  • Survivors of the 2012 Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea.

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