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"Friends in the Field"

By Laura Mirante

We hope you enjoyed a peaceful, light-filled Thanksgiving! 

You might have been fortunate enough to feel the presence of loved ones leaning into your experience from beyond the veil in moments of pure joy, love, and laughter. 


If you are longing for a sign from the Spirit realm Channeled Insight invites you to a special intimate gathering where you will receive a personal 

Channeled message through Laura Mirante


We are excited to create this beautiful opportunity to connect with spirit and bring messages of hope and inspiration to comfort you throughout this holiday season.

Everything & Everyone is Energy 

All Energy is a part of the same 

Energy Field-

the Quantum Field  

This message from a son in spirit to his mom speaks about how important it is to our loved ones to acknowledge the signs they send us to get our attention... 

“I bring forward energy. I help you. 

I surround you with hearts and love and hugs and I try with everything I am to make it real. 

I try to make the cats meow, the birds sing and the flowers bloom. 

I put my energy into everything around you knowing that little moments of appreciation do make you happy. 

You don’t know what that feels like to me. That might be something that people need to hear, mom. Everybody cries for their loved ones and I have to say that some moms feel bad if they’re not still crying for them, as if that’s how they show love.

But, let me tell you, when the sun comes shining down on your face and you feel it as if I’m giving you a hug and you give me a smile there is no greater feeling for me.  
There’s no moment of connection more powerful.

You might think it is something to get a sign from me but, let me tell you, to be appreciated for existing, to receive that from you, is a validation of my life, mom. 

It’s a validation of my existence. 

I think every soul wants that – living and in spirit.  
So, thank you.  
Thank you for every conversation we’ve had, every look from a stranger you knew was me. I feel it in you when you get it and it brings us closer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.”


Channeled August 3, 2020

Friday December 12th, 2020

At 12 pm Eastern Time Zone 

Conference Call 

Live gathering in the comfort of your own home

Limited individual messages available 

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