On New Year's Eve the whole world celebrates the fact that a date changes

Let us celebrate the dates on which we change the world

―Akilnathan Logeswaran


New Year Channel

On FridayJanuary 1st 2021 At 1 PM

Eastern Time Zone


Laura Mirante

Dodi Mitchell

Leah Fortner  

As they tap in to the energy of 2021

And see what the universe has in store for humanity.

For over a decade we have gathered together on New Year’s Day to join our hearts and open our minds to spirit’s insights on the year ahead. We relax, clear the field and release the energy of the previous year in meditation  and channel a message live from our friends and greatest supporters in spirit. It is always loving, soulfully nourishing, and offers the opportunity to see life from the bigger picture perspective.


As I began to create the foundation for the group experience this year I thought about how challenging 2020 has been and wondered what was said in last year’s channel. 

Had they dropped any clues our world was about to be changed forever?


I searched for it but could not find the transcript which is odd because New year channels have always been so profoundly inspiring we make sure to transcribe. 

I found the recording and sat up and transcribed it last night. I heard my voice crack and realized I was crying from the onset of the channel. The feeling of the awareness in the energy of 2020 brought me to tears. 

There are no predictions but the channel was filled with ways to maneuver the mine fields in our mind’s reactions to challenging external events…interesting approach spirit!


I am sharing a few bits of the transcript from our 2020 New Year channel and a link to the Podcast if you feel pulled to jump in and listen.


I am VERY curious and excited to see what our friends in Spirit have to say about 2021.

Join us tomorrow as we connect with a brief opening meditation and channel divine insight live.

 Let’s begin 2021 driven by inspirational insight from the soul's level of perception.

Wishing everyone a year filled with health, love & divine purpose,


January 1, 2020 Live New Year Channel via Laura Mirante 



“…that that is the purpose of existing…

To explore this phenomenal use of our divinity…

To allow each experience to be a challenge…

A challenge to your humanness to know your divinity…

A challenge to find a way to serve another or a community in every situation.


Think about the dualistic nature of the current structure of what is expected of you as a human-being in this world.

It is not {for you} to spend your days, your weeks, your lifetime searching for truth serving the One that we are.

The concepts in this societal structure have you each individually looking to serve yourselves, your families; in complete denial of the underlying essence of purpose to serve all life.

To be guiding force in your individual experience so that others may feel propelled into service.


If duality is that game of hide and seek of the soul, if you are the light and you are exploring the darkness and the challenge is 

    - Do you believe that your are the darkness? 

    - Or can you remember that you are the light and to know that the minute that you             remember that light shines so brightly you can’t deny it and it brings into your                 awareness every aspect of your ego attachment to your persona — every area of your             life where you have aligned intellectually with some area of darkness.


Remember darkness is not a “bad” thing. This is a dualistic experience; black and white are necessary, good and bad create the opportunity to explore our divine truth.


So where logic would like to confine you into a self-defensive mode, a self-protected energy of resistance intellectually, you must be willing to counter your own dualistic thoughts, the thoughts that say: 

“I am not of that ilk, there are certain souls on the earth that are intuitive, that are highly adept at connecting to the divine but that’s not me. I’m just an average Joe, working in an average job, just trying to make a living and make a life.”


But you see right there is the intellectual rationalization that challenges you, that challenges you to believe in your divinity. 

Don’t you see what a glorious opportunity that is, as the soul that you are, to prove to yourself that you are the light, when your mind continues to reflect all of the allegiances to darkness that you have committed to.



The concept of the darkness has such a negative connotation that each one of you reels in this concept; but if you are pure light in essence then we can say to you quite clearly any fear is an area of darkness because it forgets the pure truth of the Oneness… of the perfection of the unfolding of life. 


Fear is uncertain, yet the soul knows because of the interconnected nature of all life experiences on the higher level of self, the light shines clearly on the Purpose of “Being” in the moment.


It may not confine the concept intellectually and that frustrates the human.

You may not understand why you are being intuitively guided to move in this direction or that direction and it may not make sense to you in your logical mind in your practical idea of your reality but there is always a higher purpose when the feeling within comes with such intensity and it is relevant for you to hear that now because thats what we’re looking to use to free ourselves from the angst and anxieties in this world - 

The knowingness —  that there is higher purpose  — that there is a higher plan — that there is higher path for you and only your light can show you the way and only when you believe you are the light can you have that light shine through in this world.


And there are times where the experiences in your external world are devastating. 

They challenge all concepts of right and wrong and good and bad.

They challenge all understanding of a divine source and the meaning of God in this world.


And it is in those moments where you are put to task, to dive deep into the darkness but to hold the light of the love that you are, to have a Faith so willing it does not ask for rational applications,

To have a faith so unwavering that no thought could challenge it.


It is there, when you deny the fear and the angst and the anxiety of the uncertainty of the mind,

When you deny it in Faith, when you surrender all thought to an unknown source, to a higher purpose not yet feasible intellectually, it is in that moment that you can feel the Grace of the One surrounding you, embracing you in an energy of purpose so overwhelming you know there’s something more.

To find acceptance there is to build a bridge of Faith in you that maintains a presence of the divine in your experience.


What if that is it?

What if it is in the major challenges in your experience that you are asked to build that bridge?

And you know what it is you are doing here on a soul level. 

You know your are not building this bridge for you, not for you alone, none of you; 

none of you soulfully are self serving not unless you are speaking of the {higher} “Self - the All that Is”

It won’t make sense to you individually — it may never be rationally acceptable what you’ve been asked to overcome…

It may never be acceptable intellectually, but soulfully there is Grace when you are willing to let go of needing to understand it.



So whatever it is thats confronting you, whatever it is that is challenging you, go to that place of forgiveness in your mind.

Forgive the situation and the people that challenge you, but most importantly forgive yourself for all the expectations of those people and of life itself that were limited by your desire to be comfortable as the human being that you are.


Because the ego’s desire for comfort often challenges the soul’s desire to create, to inspire and explore what can be created here.

Don’t you see without the opportunity to explore the depths of darkness what could we create as light?



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