Spontaneous Channeled Insight

Open the door to transforming 

grief in a new

expansive way 

On June 13, 2020

Explore the place of connection within you 

3 different ways in one day

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Tracie Shannon will guide us in group exercises, breathing and visualization techniques

Laura Mirante will channel a group message and offer some individual messages 

Karen Truhon will take you on a journey with guided meditation and sound healing using Crystal bowls, chimes and Tibetan bowl

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Channeled on June 3rd 

My 6 year old grandson recently saw the movie, All Dogs Go To Heaven, and now he wants to go to heaven. How can we describe the concept of heaven to our children?
"...He can know that we are in Heaven; that the body is the vehicle for the divine energy and we are inspired by that divine aspect of who we are that is constantly in, what he is terming, "Heaven."
Heaven is a state of being, you can tell him. 
Heaven is a state of joyful acceptance of the perfection of who we are. 
That is the truth of what Heaven is. Everything else is a creation of logic.
So how can you tell a 6 year old this when adults don't understand it?

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